Being at home doesn't mean going without speech therapy. We are holding individual and group sessions.
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About Us

With our broad range of experience, we can help with virtually any speech and language issue your child faces.

Speech Development:

Both children and adults may have difficulty pronouncing words for a variety of reasons, including Articulation/Phonological Disorders, Motor-Speech Disorders, Oral-Motor Deficits, Apraxia, Dysarthria and Dysfluent Speech.

Receptive and Expressive Development:

Receptive language is the ability to comprehend verbal and nonverbal information. Expressive language is the ability to create a message that others will understand.

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Auditory and Language Processing:

Auditory processing disorders are issues understanding audible signals, causingdifficulty discriminating and identifying sounds. Language processing disorders typically result in trouble understanding and following conversations, remembering directions, missing social cues and expressing one’s self verbally.

Social Thinking:

Social Thinking refers to how an individual interprets and responds to both verbal and nonverbal social cues from others. In a range of social settings this can include: turn taking; maintaining a topic; interpreting body language, tone of voice and words used by others; maintaining friendships; expressing feelings. We are highly trained in Michelle Garcia Winner's approach that helps develop  appropriate social interactions.

Executive Function:

Executive Function involves any activity that requires time management, planning, flexible thinking and memory. It's how the brain organizes its many responsibilities. Difficulties with EF can make it difficult to prioritize, plan, and accomplish goals with a given timeframe.

social pragmatic disorder    auditory and language processing    social thinking

Additional Areas addressed: