Being at home doesn't mean going without speech therapy. We are holding individual and group sessions.
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What Is Social Thinking?

"He is interrupting me every time I give directions or try to make a point." "He talks too much." "She constantly touches her peers and doesn't seem to be aware of how it is bothering them." "His friends don't want to include him in their games." "Her volume is so loud!" "Her teachers constantly seem to get annoyed at her because she overreacts to problems."
These are just some of the statements we hear from parents of children ages 4-15 who are having difficulties with social skills. For some kids, tasks that involve other people can be difficult. Things like forging friendships, dealing with conflict and engaging in conversation do not come naturally.

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Sharon Sokolik and Associates specializes in helping children develop skills to be more comfortable socially. For example:

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Throughout the school year, and during the summer, we run a range of social thinking outings for different age groups. For more information, please visit our Social Thinking Opportunities page. Social thinking challenges can be difficult. We are here to help in any way we can. Please call us at 678-463-6512 or 678-467-5174 or email