Summer Social Thinking Camps and Groups Forming - Click Here Now!

Social Thinking Opportunities

If your child would benefit from becoming a stronger social thinker, you’ve come to the right place! SLPs Sharon Sokolik, Julie Abes and School Psychologist Robyn Winnick Liebman have the training, experience and passion to help students make social thinking advances.

Every year we change up our social thinking topics and groupings. Please feel free to contact us at 678-463-6512 or 678-467-5174 or email for more information and to find out specific dates.


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Summer Learning and Fun in the ATL

When school ends for the school year, there are 10 weeks of learning opportunities still available until school starts up again!

We realize most kids would prefer not to have to attend speech/language therapy or go to social learning groups. But what if we were able to combine learning and actually enjoy it? If language processing, written expression, social language or receptive and expressive language skills need some tweaking, we are happy to help!

Speech therapy services are available this summer at our office in Sandy Springs as well as local camps and daycare facilities.

We are also offering our very popular social thinking mini-camp adventures in the form of Social Language Outings for Teens, Girls Only group and twice monthly groups for children of all ages!

Teen Social Adventures

Middle and high school aged teen with ASD, NVLD, ADHD, or those that have trouble seeing "gray"

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Girls Only Outings

Opportunities to hang with teen girls and spill some tea

Little Friends

grades 1-3

"I'm Not Little Anymore"

grades 3-5

Middle School Groups

Have your child attend as many of these social learning opportunities as they can. Cost is $70 for each group session.


Feel free to reach out for more information and to reserve times for you at 678-463-6512 or


How to be a Stronger Social Thinking Parent

These on-demand groups are for parents of children of all ages. Reach out to us directly for information.

Social Thinking Group Intake Form

If you think your child is a fit for any activity or group, please fill out the Social Thinking Group Intake Form so we can learn more about your child and place them correctly.

Social thinking challenges can be difficult. We are here to help in any way we can. Please call us at 678-463-6512 or 678-467-5174 or email